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My Trails, in need of lovin’

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I’ve been real quiet on the blog front over the last 2 months. I’ve been at uni, and there’s just not enough time to post anything relevant/useful. Too much time doing frustratingly hard maths…

Anyways, I’m back for the winter now 😀 with a month and a bit of time to ride and build, stoked. To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting them to stay up till the end of summer (building in heavily used army land, and been caught before). With that in mind, I’m not too bummed at the state of the trails at the moment. I know quite a few riders have ridden there, and it shows… But the damage doesn’t look like the work of chavs or the army. Mostly just bad building/modifying from riders who sessioned there. The extremely heavy rain really hasn’t helped either.

Regardless, I’m still going to be riding and building there this winter. It won’t be to the extent that I did over summer, but I’ll definitely be getting the jumps rideable again, and I’m pretty excited about the potential. My DMR (24″ tranny) got stolen at Cambridge, so I’ll be giving BMX dirt jumping a go. I have a brakeless BMX, which I’ll stick some more dirt suitable tyres on. It’ll be a scary, steep, dangerous learning curve, but fun times nonetheless! Also, I’ll be building more creative lines this winter. None of the lines will remain the same as they were (other than the pump track bit), partly because I need forgiving jumps to learn on (remember I’ll be jumping a bmx for the first time ever, AND it won’t have brakes), and partly because I like change, and the site is now prime for quick-to-build creative lines.

Tidying the place up will take a good hour or 2, but once that’s sorted, building the new lines shouldn’t be hard. All the dirt is dug up out the ground, its all wet and ready to build. Dirt just need moving around and shaping (i.e. the fun part of building). So it’s not all bad.

HOWEVER, as a warning to riders who fancy a ride there this winter or after winter, please don’t change the jumps. I gave people relatively free reign over it in autumn, since I was at uni and wouldn’t be there for months – I’m not an anal rider who is overly protective of dirt jumps on other people’s land. But the quality of building/maintaining going on was just lame/half assed. Basically, I’m going to get the site buffed out and dialled this winter, but if rider’s don’t respect it, I’ll just build somewhere else and not tell anyone. I don’t like the idea of secret trails, I put in the work (which I do enjoy, but still..), which I might as well let others enjoy, but riders need to understand trail etiquette.

Here’s the pics of the trails as of early this afternoon. I’ll be back to regular posting, keeping everything documented regarding the trails progress :). Peace


Written by Adam Pollard

December 7, 2009 at 4:43 pm

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