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2 Sunny Days and a Garage Full of Wood

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Impromptu front yard quarter pipe… aaaaaaaahh yeeeeaaahh!!

It was sunny. I thought, “I wonder what wood I have in the garage?”. I had a look. I saw a bunch of wood. I thought, “I wonder how big a ramp I could build out of this stuff?”. 2 sunny days later, lots of screws, some fun with power-tools, and more than my fair share of energy drink, and this is the result :D.

I built it scrap-heap challenge style. Measuring tape was never used, I didn’t plan a thing, I just keep sawing and drilling stuff :P. For example, I didn’t have “thick ply” large enough for the sides, so I improvised and screwed a bunch of smaller pieces together.

Anyways, the thing is super fun to ride :D, and I’ll hopefully post up some pictures of me riding it soon :).

Take it easy



Written by Adam Pollard

July 6, 2009 at 7:42 pm

Posted in BMX, Trail Building

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