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Harry Main: Decade to Footjam

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This guy is a nutter. Seriously amazing rider, with a sound head on him too. He really seems like a genuinely nice guy in his interviews, which is nice to see from a UK BMX rider. Relatively young rider, only been riding 6 years and he is already one of the better riders in the world now. Props to him. Anyways, I found this mad decade to footjam he did, I think at Woodward.


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March 29, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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Fly Bikes: Projects Update

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Fly Bikes have finally updated their projects section.

The uno seat looks good. Eclat’s complex (ironic name?) seat is amazing, and I’m certainly a fan of the all-in-one seat/post thing. It just makes an awful lot of sense in bmx. It’s good to see more BMX companies following suit and giving riders options. Though it’s been in the works for ages, it better be good because they aren’t the hardest of components to design eh?

The cassette should be interesting, I doubt it’ll trump what profile have to offer, but fly have spent 2 years refining the design, and they seem keen on it, so we’ll have to see. The cobra tube is just retarded (and thus not even worth discussing).

The “integrated” dropouts?!? I think the dashes are necessary. In what way are they integrated? It sounds like they’ve just prepped the welds and smoothed it. People on the forums don’t dig the aesthetics that much, and its obviously no more advantageous from an engineering point of view. So I don’t get it. It’ll probably bring with it some hype, so won’t be bad for Fly. I sometimes wish BMX engineering made more sense ya know.

The lever and chain look a bit mundane. The chain just won’t be on the same level as current chains on the market. And the lever just doesn’t look like a better option either.

My verdict: Make sure the cassette and uno seat are good – because the rest looks like no more than marketing hype. Up your game fly… (though props for trying)

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March 28, 2009 at 8:31 pm

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Wildcard Project: Final Parts are ordered

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Good news! I’ve finally ordered the last of the parts for my Wildcard project :). It’s a project 10 months in the going now, and I haven’t had a fully working mountain bike since Whistler last summer. BMX and skateboarding has kept me busy, but the long sunny days are making me crave the forest. I say “all the parts” … but Mountain Trax haven’t confirmed when the new E13 LG1 chainguide will be availible, Silverfish said next month, but who knows. I hope it’ll be available then as the rest of the build will be good to go by then.

The project won’t be fully complete when I first build the bike up – it’ll take a few months to tweek everything, and I’ll still have a few parts I’ll want to upgrade, but think it’s worth waiting untill I work out the niggles first. Replacing all the stock bolts for anodized titanium bolts is probably the main thing that won’t be done for the initial build. I’m not sure whether I’ll go for the Chris King Pre-loader yet too, but we’ll see.

I’ll do a full bike check, complete with explanations, when I first get the thing built up. For now I’ll tease you with a picture of some of the parts… (Ignore the DMR box)

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March 24, 2009 at 7:40 pm

Why do a blog?

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Why do a blog then? Honestly, I’m not too sure.

According to the media, everyone does one. Even though, no-one even knows what they are. Running a forum ( and generally being pretty internet savvy, I’ve come across them before. A bit of wiki-surfing, a free evening, and here it is. I decided I should do this blogging thing.

What will I post about? All sorts. Basically, anything and everything I’m interested in. From the latest BMX news, to my project bikes, throw in a few random posts, and back again. Whatever I feel like publishing really. I’m hoping it motivates me to finish all my video editing projects I’ve started, and finish organizing Aperture too. University application stuff has got in the way recently. 

Being a gnar junkie and a bit “special”, people have regularly said they wanted to see what’s in my head. They were being jocular – I know they didn’t really want to see the chaos going inside. Regardless, I guess this blog will have to do.

Check out the “about” page if you don’t know me that well.

Hope y’all like it…


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March 16, 2009 at 10:56 pm

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